Magic Place in The Carpathians

Tsvit Paporoti is a hotel in Yaremche town, just in the heart of The Ukrainian Carpathians.


The hotel’s title stands for «fern blossom». Despite the fact that ferns don’t normally have any blossom, there’s a legend throughout Slavic people about the magical fern flower. It is said, the flower blooms on the holiday Ivana Kupala at midnight. Whoever finds it may receive unnatural abilities.


The owners of the hotel always want to make their guests feel fresh, robust and like supernatural as if they found this flower.



Logo consists of strong geometric forms demonstrating the hotel’s responsibility. Rounded margins look modern along with the hotel's interior and exterior.


All elements create minimalistic fern; rotated three more times they make the magical fern flower.


This concept combines all hotel values, authentic Ukranian patterns and directly demonstrate the hotel’s title.





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